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About Al Wasl coIt’s time to expect more!

A civilized look in the insurance brokerage business by marketing insurance services that emerged from a distinguished experience that extends to a solid history and the glory of a prosperous past.

The Board of Directors of Al Wasl Insurance Brokerage Company enjoys a financial capacity that stems from the legacy of its founders with full financial momentum, which is matched by the financial strength of the insurance companies that deal with it ، and experience generated from the wisdom of proper management of its employees, so Al-Wasl Insurance Brokerage Company exceeded the periods of years with the maturity of a perfect, sound and honest work in serving its customers, the majority of the insured.

The Company's Capital

The capital of Al-Wasl Insurance Brokerage Company is (1,000,000,000) one billion Iraqi Dinars.

Incorporation of The Company

Where Al-Wasl Insurance Brokerage Company was established according to the incorporation certificate on 1/2/2023 issued by the Iraqi Insurance Bureau It obtained a license to practice the profession from the Iraqi Insurance Bureau, despite the recent establishment, as it possesses advantages that make it in the forefront.

Al Wasl Standards

Al-Wasl Insurance Brokerage Company confirmed the steps of the previous ranks and settled in the forefront of professionals in the insurance brokerage business, by providing integrated insurance services with good selection of insurance covers and the durability of the high insurance experience of the insurance companies that deal with it, and it provided insurance seekers with the best insurance experience in Mesopotamia ، Received by the masses of the insured in all sites of consumers of insurance services. It is a matter of pleasure and pride that we are among our loved ones the respected audience of the insured in their positions. We discuss with them presenting the best ways to provide the insurance needs.

About Al Wasl coTrust us for the rest of your life.

Al-Wasl Insurance Brokerage Company presents its warmest regards to you, and we would like to inform you of our company’s keenness to gain the trust of its clients, both individuals and institutions, by providing insurance coverage that gives distinct levels of insurance protection for them and their property.
The company has the distinguished technical capabilities of its employees and the solid financial capabilities of its founders, which help it to diversify its business portfolio and expand its insurance coverage that meets the various needs of individuals and institutions. Al Wasl Insurance Brokers Company is pleased to provide all the insurance services provided by our company.